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Your most reliable one-stop foreign exchange platform builder

Our Stories

FT Limited (FT-TS for short) is a British financial technology company. The technical team has gone through 10 years since its establishment. It has British engineers with serious, diligent, rigorous attitude and work style. Experience, occupy a place in the more prosperous and mature European market in the financial market, and enjoy a very good reputation.

Since its establishment, FT-TS has never forgotten its original intention and is committed to providing the platform with the best trading experience and trading environment. It has developed a full range of platform technology solutions, running through industries such as foreign exchange, US stocks and Hong Kong stocks. With European and Asian multilingual professional technical teams, FT-TS provides 7×24 thoughtful services to escort customers’ platform operations! We never stop helping others in the past, and we never stop exploring better technologies and solutions. We are welcoming and open to learning about partnership opportunities on all fronts.

Our Strength

  • Reliable quality

    24-hour technical operation and maintenance service, main bid authority, assist in solving many problems
  • Perfect system

    Multi-faceted management of platform construction
  • Innovative industries

    NAXPLUS plug-in multi-function upgrade
  • Professional technique

    Expert consultants at home and abroad
  • Risk management

    FT technology platform, the operation decision is entirely up to you
  • Excellent service

    1 to 1 professional consulting service to help your career take off